What is on this homepage?

On this homepage you can download a program (LexSup) for writing and reading with dictionary-
support. There is also a number of dictionaries that you can download.

LexSup also contains a web-browser with some unique properties. It is e g useful when you 
write html-text. You can then have the web-browser open while you write so that you can see 
the result directly in the web-browser. If you write chinese you can write unicode and see the 
corresponding chinese letters in the web-browser.

How can I read this homepage?

Click on LexSup to download LexSup. Install the program. This will give you a LexSup-icon 
on the desktop. Doubleclick that. LexSup will open and on the main menu you find the caption 
"Språk" click that and you get an option for different languages. If you click the english 
flag some (so far only some) of the captions will be translated to english.

On the main menu you also have the caption "Internet". When you click that the web-browser 
of LexSup will open. By default the URL is to this homepage so just click "Sök" and this 
homepage will open if you are online to Internet.

By default you have a swedish-english dictionary as dictionary1. That means that you can 
select a word on the homepage, press ctrl-C and click on InWord. Your selected word is then 
put as an inword to the dictionary and you get translation-suggestions as outwords.

Notice that when you call a procedure that change the OutFileSquare you have to write to 
the OutFileSquare before you call a new procedure. 

Why can I not close LexSup?

Most likely  do you have to write something in the OutFileSquare to release it for a new 

How can I get rid of LexSup?

In the map where you have installed LexSup you will find a file named LexSupUninst. If you 
doubleclick that it will uninstall LexSup except for five font-files in Windows map FONTS. 
These files are LexSupArab1.ttf , LexSupGrek1.ttf , LexSupCyr1.ttf , LexSuprun1.ttf and 

Some remarks!!

If you not are already connected  to Internet you will be promted to do so when you open 
the web-browser of LexSup, but your connection will NOT CLOSE when you close the 
web-browser. You have to do that separately.

When you call a procedure that will change the OutFileSquare you get the question "Vill du 
spara ändringarna i Utfilrutan?". That means "Do you want to save the OutFileSquare?" 
Ja = Yes , Avbryt = Cancel , Nej = No.