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lexsup.se is almost entirely in swedish. But if you are slightly familiar with swedish you can read articles with help from LexSup. LexSup is a program for writing and reading with dictionary-support. You can download the program in a version where some text and some labels are in english by clicking: LexSupEng If you go back to the opening side and click "Svensk Lexikoncentral" you will find a number of dictionaries for LexSup. These are between swedish and another language but if you place a dictionary to swedish as Dic1 and write something as InWord LexSup will try to look your InWord up and give suggestions in swedish as OutWord. If you click such an OutWord LexSup will try to look that up in Dic2 and if you have swedish-english dictionary (sven) as Dic2 you get a translation to english. LexSup also contains a web-browser with some unique properties. It is e g useful when you write html-text. You can then have the web-browser open while you write so that you can see the result directly in the web-browser. If you write chinese you can write & # followed by the unicode code and see the corresponding chinese letters in the web-browser. More about LexSup ================= Click on LexSupEng to download LexSup. Install the program. This will give you a LexSup-icon on the desktop. Doubleclick that. LexSup will open. On the main menu you have the caption "Internet". When you click that the web-browser of LexSup will open. By default the URL is to this homepage so just click "Sök" and this homepage will open if you are online to Internet. Usually LexSup look up words after double-comma in Dic1 and selected words in Dic2. Words from the browser are however treated somewhat different. If you select a word in the browser, press ctrl-C and click on InWord your selected word is put as an InWord and looked up in Dic1. By default you have an english-swedish dictionary as Dic1. If you are about to read a swedish text from the browser you should change that to a swedish-english. You can change dictionaries through the main menu (Dictionary) or by a left-click on the dictionary you want to change (just above the OutFileSquare). When you call a procedure that will change the OutFileSquare you get the question "Vill du spara ändringarna i Utfilrutan?". That means "Do you want to save the OutFileSquare?" Ja = Yes , Avbryt = Cancel , Nej = No. Other headlines =============== Världen (the World) ------------------- Units "The etherwind picture" MY WORLD-PICTURE Samhälle och ekonomi (Society and economy ) -------------------------------------------